Born April 6, 1976 in Houston TX, Prophetess Hill is EVIDENCE that miracles still fall from heaven, she is a Walking Testimony a true Living Epistle.   After moving to the East Coast in 1996, Prophetess Hill became trapped in a 8 year existence filled with drug addiction, gang affiliation and sexual exploitation.   The streets of Atlanta nearly claimed her life in the fall of 2004, when she was shot and left for dead because of a drug deal gone awry: BUT GOD

Prophetess Hill was predestined to be "The Chosen of God" so instead of the Father calling her to her heavenly home, He called her into her personal ministry here on Earth.  The Lord performed a quick work in her and from 2005-2007  Prophetess Hill studied Biblical Education, Urban Evangelism, Christian Counseling and Organizational Leadership at Beulah Heights Bible University.  Nevertheless, she still believes the Holy Spirit is the best teacher of all!

In 2008 the Office of prophet was confirmed upon her life,  in that same year Prophetess Hill established Victorious Sisters United; a community of women dedicated to providing prayer and Godly counsel to despondent women across the United States.  After years of training and equipping in the "School of the Holy Ghost", Prophetess Hill was found faithful and on March 25, 2011, she was affirmed, consecrated and ordained into the Holy Office of Prophet through the Full Gospel Pentecostal Assemblies Fellowship.  Prophetess Hill has submitted her gifting and office under the tutelage of many great Apostolic and Prophetic teachers; yet she acknowledges God as Father and she is a true Daughter of the Most High for she ministers with a heavy Apostolic Anointing and Grace.

Prophetess Hill has been called by God to declare His Word across this Nation and she has been perfectly positioned by the Father to emerge at such a time as this.  A gifted, anointed and skilled Prophetic Psalmist/Minstrel; the song of the Lord that flows through her has been the catalyst for many powerful acts of healing and deliverance.  She is also a modern day Scribe; the first installment of her "Kingdom Culture Made Simple" teaching series entitled, "Spiritual Warfare Made Simple", A Practical Guide to the Over-Complicated was released in the Fall of 2012.   Prophetess Hill is a powerful, in season Intercessor for the Lord; she is worshiping warrior for Christ and her hearts desire is that of her Fathers in heaven: to set the captives free.